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My Workout Journey

Earlier this year I made a conscious  decision to incorporate fitness into my lifestyle. For most of my life, I was one of those girls that could literally eat whatever I wanted without any consequences. To be honest  I always hated being skinny, I tried everything to gain weight from fried chicken to protein shakes lol.  When I reached my thirties and I started finally gaining weight I was ecstatic, but soon enough the weight started going to the wrong places and I wasn't prepared for the changes that were happening to my body. Last October I became a full time blogger, winter hit and I wasn't as active as I was when I was working, when spring hit I was 20 lbs heavier. I never weighed more than 130 lbs for most of my life so I was dumbfounded and felt so defeated.

  I started spin class, changed my diet and lost majority of the weight but I now needed to tone. I signed up for a gym membership, but was having issues finding time to make it to the gym. My building has a gym downstairs but, who am I kidding, it's not like I know what I'm doing so I need to find a trainer. When I heard about Ladder, it sounded like the solution to my problem, it's a mobile app that connects me with my own personal trainer.  Seeing my building's gym is open 24 hours, I was now able to work out on time schedule that was convenient to me.

Upon signing up for Ladder I was asked a series of questions to gauge my level of experience and what goals/results I was looking for. Based on my results I was given 3 trainers to choose from and I selected Mike who I felt was the right fit. Mike messaged and asked me a few more questions and tailored a workout program to suit my needs since I'm just getting my feet wet, we settled on a schedule of 3 days a week. My favorite thing about the app is the example videos that each workout has. I had no idea what an inchworm was but I was able to watch the video provided to see how it's done, this was extremely helpful for a beginner such as myself.

Now I know everyone's wants and needs differ, while this service may be ideal for me, some may still prefer the traditional gym/ hands on personal trainer method to be more suitable for them. But if you're like me and don't have a conventional schedule, then I suggest you give Ladder a try. I've partnered with Ladder to offer my readers 10% off their subscription as well as a one week free trial,  I find the app to be reasonably priced with subscriptions costing as low as $16 per month. You can chose either a monthly subscription for $49, 3 months for $89 or a year for $191.You guys can sign up here and use the code DARLING. Have you guys tried Ladder or any mobile style workout program before? Comment below!



New Frames, Who This?

New frames, who this?? Seriously I've been on the hunt for some new frames for quite some time now, I wanted a pair that were, durable, affordable yet stylish. I used to spend hundreds on eyewear, and every single pair was either lost or broken, so this time around I wanted an affordable option but I didn't want to sacrifice the style aspect.

When I had the opportunity to partner with Zenni , I didn't hesitate. The thought of purchasing eyewear online, probably sounds intimidating to most, but Zenni's website is super easy to use and way more convenient than visiting a bunch of optical stores to find the one pair you really like. I'm super picky about my eyewear, especially vision glasses because I need them the most.  After I broke my last pair of glasses, I started wearing contacts religously but that't not good for your eyes so I needed to get glasses. The first thing I noticed on Zenni's site was how many options they had, the versatility in style, shape and color was endless.

The first pair I selected were a gold aviator frame, that's usually a style that suits my face. They had a few gold aviator styles, but I was able to use the "try on" option which allowed my to upload a pic and see what they looked like on my face. If you aren't able to upload a pic, they also have different face shapes you can try the frames on as well.  My second choice was one of their best sellers, the traditional browline frame. I had a similar pair in the past so I knew this style would work for me, it's a classic style that's always on trend. I opt'd for black, cause thats pretty much what I always tend to go for lol plus I know it will go with majority of my wardrobe.

Ok, So let's get into these remarkable prices! My aviator frames were $6.95, YES $6.95, the lens was $19.95 and I wanted anti reflective coating which was an additional $8.95(that's entirely optional). So that's less than $40 and they didn't feel cheap nor flimsy once they arrived. I actually paid $300 for a similar pair from a popular eyewear boutique and the quality was horrible but i'm not one to name names lol, so this pair from Zenni definitely exceeded my expectations. The Browline pair were slightly higher in price at $15.95 for the frame but I mean that's still dirt cheap.

 Zenni has made wearing glasses fun again. I'm able to give my eyes a break from contacts while maintaining my stylish aesthetic. You guys can check out my frames below and see how I styled them!

Aviator Frame Gold

Browline Frame Black

  *This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Zenni,the opinions and text are all mine.


That Summer Glow: The best highlighters for summer

Summer is fast approaching and it's all about that glowy skin. To achieve that sun kissed dewy look, I use bronze/golden highlighters either liquid or powder. I can admit sometimes I probably go overboard with the highlight but hey too much highlighter never hurt anybody right?? So the more the merrier I say! Below are my favorite highlighters, I switch them out depending on my mood or the look i'm going for also I prefer a mix of liquid & powder for a more intensified highlight. Although I'm obsessed with my highlighters, I love trying new ones, what are some of your favs...Comment below!  *My lip color is "Lady Balls" by Too Faced.*

1. Too Faced Love Light Prismatic Highlighter  in "You light up my life"

This is a golden highlighter that I find to be on the softer side. Perfect for a daytime no-makeup, makeup look. I prefer this golden tone on my brown skin, but there are 2 other lighter shades that are better suited for more fair skin tones.

2. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Highlighter in "Topaz"
My skin can tends to be on the dryer side sometimes, so a liquid highlighter comes in handy for the days i'm feeling a bit dry. This bronzy liquid is great for achieving a dewy glow, I also like using this as a base under my powder highlighters for a more intensified highlight, I usually go for this look at night. I use the shade Topaz which is great for Brown to darker skin tones.
3.  Nars Illuminating Loose Powder in "Orgasm"

This highlighter is new to my collection but has quickly become a fav. It's a a multi-purpose loose powder that I use on my cheeks, eyes and sometimes on my body mixed with lotion. It is a peachy rose gold shade and is the shimmering version of the Nars orgasm blush that everyone loves, perfect for all skin tones.

4. Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in "Sunkissed"

Last but definitely not least is my go to highlighter. I love this palette cause it gives me options and I can mix them, my favorite combo is mixing bronzed with moonstone on top. It's super pigmented and a little goes a long way. There's also a highlight for the fairest complexions to the darkest, so anyone can purchase this.


Starting my mornings off with Nespresso

Prior to living in NYC I was more of a tea drinker, but with the daily hustle & grind I can't start my day without it. When I had the opportunity to partner with Nespresso, I was super stoked. I've heard about Nespresso from friends and family, have visited their NY boutique and always admired their sleek and unique designs.

For the past month my mornings have gotten twice as nice with my VertuoPlus machine and the new double espresso blends. When you're running around for hours a double espresso really comes in handy, plus this machine actually brews 5 different sizes .35oz espresso, 2.7oz double espresso, 5oz gran lungo, 8oz coffee and the 14oz alto. I definitely find the size options to be convenient and the versatility is an added bonus.  I can start my morning with a double espresso and if I need an extra pick me up in the afternoon I can brew a cup of coffee, it's like having a private barista with the touch of a button.

I think what separates Nespresso from other brands, is the quality of the coffee and ultra rich flavors. Their experts source coffee from some of the world's renowned coffee producing regions. The new Double Espresso blends Scuro & Chiaro consist of unique flavors from South & Central America. My fav is the Double Espresso Scuro which is a strong rich blend made of Central American Robusta, Arabica beans and enhanced with cocoa notes, I personally love adding a bit of caramel for added flavor. I also enjoyed making coffee with this machine using their flavored blends Hazelino(hazelnut flavor) & Vanizio (Vanilla Flavor).

What stands out the most to me about the Nespresso brand is how committed they are to preserving the environment. The coffee is packaged in aluminum capsules that are recyclable and their Recycling program allows you to return the used capsules via UPS or you drop them off at your nearest Nespresso boutique.

Overall i'm happy with my VertuoPlus double espresso machine and plan on using it for years to come. Are you guys fans of Nespresso? Sound off below!

                   *This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Nespresso. The opinions and text are all mine.

coffee experts select only the top coffee from the world
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coffee experts select only the top coffee from the world
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Spring Suit Trends with Express

Spring is literally one of my favorite seasons(I know it's been tough for us on the east coast but warmer weather in on the horizon). Light jackets, layering, and a bit more color, I've always felt like i've styled some of my best looks during the spring.

One look this season that has stood out to me is the Suit trend from florals to bright colors and plaid, suits have been huge for spring. Long gone are the days where you would just wear a suit to work, now suits are bold, fun and trendy. I knew I wanted to try this look, so I hit up express cause they had so many great options. I was torn but opt'd for a pinstripe suit cause it's something I've wanted to pull off for quite some time.  Now to make this look more for leisure rather than work I like to pair either a comfy white tee or a fun graphic with it, and Express's  one eleven collection has the softest comfy tee's and tanks.

To make this look more edgy I added red slides and a red bag. When trying to make your suit more fun & trendy versus cold & serious try adding a  slide, mule, or sneaker. Are you guys digging the suit trend? Comment and let me know! I've shared some of my picks for spring below and right now until May 15th, Express is offering $25 off every $100 spent in stores by using code 3416.

*This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Express. The opinions and text are all mine.

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