It’s that time of the year. With temperatures dropping, it’s more important than ever for us to take care of our bodies. Self care is imperative during this time of the year. 

I used to be that person who was always coming down with something, so I needed to figure out a way to boost my immune system and overall take better care of my body. Here are the five steps that I took.


*This is a sponsored conversation on behalf of OLLY Nutrition. All opinions + text are my own. 


  • SLEEP…My mother used to always stress the importance of sleep and I never took her seriously. Now that I’m in my thirties I understand why (moms always know best). Studies show that lack of sleep can compromise your immune system, so now I make sure I get at least 7/8 hours of sleep each night. If you’re like me and have trouble falling asleep at night, the Olly Sleep vitamins will do the trick. These vitamins are made with Melatonin, L-Theanine & Botanicals & help you get a good night’s sleep without feeling groggy. There’s also the extra strength version & the Beauty Sleep vitamins I’ve discussed in a previous blog post, that you can read here.


  • WATCH WHAT I EAT…I’m not going to lie to you guys, i’ve never been that person who cared about what I put into my body. Unfortunately I had to learn the hard way, as I gained weight and established a weak immune system. Now I’m more mindful to what goes into my body, I pay attention to the labels and try to buy organic produce & vegetables. I’ve cut out junk food and reduced my carbs (don’t get it twisted i’ll still enjoy some pasta from time to time) lol, I’ve also cut down on my sugar/salt intake. Not only have I lost weight, I have more energy, my allergy symptoms have reduced and my hair and skin are a lot healthier. We really do ourselves a disservice when we aren’t aware of the food that we eat.


  • EXERCISE…  Two years ago I made a conscious effort to be more active. I started going to spin classes regularly and doing moderate in home workouts. Not only did I see the physical changes but I felt better mentally as a result.  Exercising also helps increase your white blood cells, which improves your immune system. 


  • VITAMINS…Why are vitamins so important? It’s simple, they provide special nutrients our body needs to stay healthy. To boost my immune system during the winter months, I’ve been taking Olly’s Active Immunity Vitamins. These vitamins are a delicious blend of sweet berries and contain Elderberry, Echinacea, Zinc & Vitamin C to keep my immune system healthy. I always drank Echinacea tea when I wasn’t feeling well, or as a preventative method to avoid coming down with something, so I was thrilled to see that herb listed as an ingredient, and I mean who doesn’t want a little Vitamin C. The Active Immunity vitamins come in two flavors Blood Orange & Berry Brave


  • REDUCE STRESS…When we’re stressed out, it weakens our immune system and its ability to fight off antigens and leaves us vulnerable. I stress out about everything, maybe that’s the Virgo in me but I find myself on edge a lot. Stress has had such a crippling effect on me, that there have been days that I can’t even leave my bed. With the holidays around the corner, which can be the most stressful time of the year, I’m taking steps to avoid feeling stressed out. Olly’s Goodbye Stress vitamins have helped tremendously. The ingredients of Gaba, L-Theanine & Lemon balm have a calm & relaxing effect. If you aren’t familiar with Gaba (gamma Aminobutyric Acid) it’s basically an amino acid that helps relax the nervous system. Like all the Ollyvitamins, the Goodbye Stress doesn’t disappoint in flavor, it’s a delicious blend of strawberry & lemon verbena.


I hope you guys will  find my tips helpful. These are the steps I’ve taken to boost my immune system and decrease my stress levels. Everyone’s bodies respond differently, so I can’t guarantee you’ll have the same results but it’s definitely worth a try. Have you guys tried Olly vitamins before? If so which ones? I’d love to hear what you thought, comment below.

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