Summer Style Isn’t Canceled


When summer finally hit, the world literally went on pause. But when you live in a city that only gets a few months of beautiful weather, you have to make the best of it no matter what.   While NY is definitely not back to normal, I find myself having more picnics, going for walks and even grocery store runs have become a fashionable moment for me lol. NY also just reopened outdoor dining, so i’ve  also been able to have a few patio moments with couple friends.

Now that I regained a bit of my social life back, it’s time to put together some summer outfits. I’ve relied heavily on online shopping over the past few months, and one of my favorite places to shop will probably surprise you…Walmart!  Whenever I find a cute outfit at Walmart people are always surprised, but Walmart has had some amazing fashion finds for quite sometime now. There literally isn’t anything  you can’t get there and that includes fashionable clothes. When I heard Scoop, a luxury boutique in NY that recently closed was dropping a collection with Walmart, I knew it was going to be good! Scoop was one of my go to shops when I first moved to NY, I think every NY fashionista shed a tear when they closed their doors. What’s refreshing is the scoop collection at Walmart is a fraction of the price you would have paid at their store, but they didn’t sacrifice any of their style to do so.

I was on the hunt for a stylish yet easy brunch look, and I found this amazing lightweight kaftan from Scoop, paired with a white tank and some great fitting jeans this is exactly the look I was going for. Now lets get into these Jeans…Denim can be so hit or miss for me because I have a LOT of junk in the trunk, I know I hide it well but baby it’s there lol. The Sofia Vergara Denim collection at Walmart is perfect for my gals with curves. I have thing for ripped denim so I found a cropped ripped pair with just the right amount of stretch.

Every outfit needs a statement bag, I wanted something that would match my fly but not take away from the beautiful Kaftan’s print, and of course the scoop collection had a perfect mini bag to complete my look. Let’s not forget we are still practicing social distancing, however that doesn’t mean we can’t look good while doing so. How have you guys adjusted to the new normal? comment below and let me know, most importantly don’t forget to wear your masks.



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