About me

Hey guys, my name is Tania Cascilla and I live in New York city. I started this Fashion & Lifestyle blog, as a way to engage with my fellow fashion enthusiasts as well as inspire others. I’m a typically shy girl so starting this blog, was a way for me to step out of my comfort zone, since I’m normally used to working behind the scenes.

A little about me…I have worked in the fashion industry for the past 12 years. I aspired to be versatile in the fashion industry, so even though I started off as a stylist, I branched out into different areas such as styling, buying & marketing. I wanted to explore every area & gain as much experience as well as knowledge related to everything there is to know about fashion. Currently I work in fashion PR.

The goal of this blog is to explore and connect with my fellow fashion lovers and share my journey through fashion. I’ll suggest my favorite beauty tips, fashion finds and eateries/hang outs along the way. As much as I care about the exciting side of fashion, my true passion lies within uplifting women and building confidence in their styles and choices. Through my blog I wish to have creative, productive and meaningful discussions on various fashion  and lifestyle related topics. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and connecting with all of you.


Tania C.